since 1905


More than a century of history punctuates Meucci's evolution.
It was 1905 when Igino Meucci, who had come to Milan from Tuscany, founded his distillery of aromas and essences. A meeting with a Sicilian ice cream maker in 1907 prompted the dynamic entrepreneur to venture into the world of mantecato. Thus began the production of Gallo-branded "Caskn" hot ice cream, which, 100 years later, is still in production and can be considered the oldest semi-finished product for ice cream produced in Italy.
From the very beginning, the company's philosophy was geared toward exalting the craftsman's flair. The best quality of products, Igino Meucci used to say, can be enhanced only with the imagination and creativity of the professional who is, in the final analysis, the true creator of a good ice cream.
In 1926, cold-processed products were launched and, two years later, it was the turn of cones, for which the company boasts a genuine record. In fact, it was the first to tackle production in Italy with manual single-row machines.
In 1946 Igino Meucci handed over the company to some of his sons, and today the company counts third-generation descendants among its partners.
In 1959, what has become one of its specialties, Lemon for ice cream, went into production, later joined by Pastonat, made with natural cream.
In 1982 Meucci moved to its new plant in Buccinasco, on the outskirts of Milan. As of early 2023, the story continues in the new plant in Landriano